castel san pietro

From the sports ground of Vigo di Ton, the course of the Rinassico stream is crossed and then for a light ascent of a small road we drive forward along the Valle del Rinassico.
After crossing the creek for two times (turning into boulders) and having the remains of an old limestone, the ancient mule track begins to climb along the steep side of the wild Valle di San Pietro.
For the ascent, it is advisable to take the branch to the left, flanking the gorge of the river, as it is less steep and very impressive than the mule track that climbs directly to the castle along the highest slope.
After passing the last 150 m of altitude (about 30 min.) Through the shady beech forest of the Foresta Demaniale di San Pietro, you will find a cylindrical tower, testimony, along with other ruins, of the medieval Castel San Pietro, documented for the first time in 1321.
Panoramic view over Val di Non and the Gruppo di Brenta region.