castel thun

Destination of the walking is one of the most preserved Castles of the Trentino, rich in history, portraits, porcelains, glasses and carriages. The trail starts from Vigo di Ton or from Toss


From Vigo di Ton:

Before reaching the sports field, to the east of the town of Vigo di Ton, at the bridge over Rio Rinascico, you enter, with a pine forest on the left, a mule track with quite steep trails (trail marked also as CAI 510 trail). After 30 minutes, at a fresh plateau with a remarkable high beech forest (rare in Val di Non, for development and stride), you leave the CAI 510 route turning left into the orchards to the Cappella dei Conti Thun.

From Toss:

Heading north-east along an asphalted road to the Pian della Sega village (parking and picnic facilities), turning right onto a flat dirt road that runs along a high oak forest (very rare in Val di Non) you arrive in a short time (about 15-20 minutes) to the little village of Nosino right down the castle, reachable within a few minutes if following the comfortable path along the beautiful meadows of the north side of the promontory, passing by the Ancient church of San Martino.

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