sette larici


The trail begins just north of the village of Smarano in the village of Doss en Ciàura (possibility of parking – 1040 m above sea level), taking the forest road for about 250 m.
After crossing the forest road (branch for the Dosso di Pozzalunga and the Sette Larici) and crossing the carriageway that rises from Smarano, you can reach in little more than half an hour the residential area of Credai that crosses south along the municipal road more downstream. From here, take a comfortable trail (700 m) again until you cross the forest road that rises from Sfruz and turn left to a slight climb until you reach the Strada Provinciale of Predaia (about 1 km with the possibility of stopping and picnic in the middle of the trail).
In just a few minutes you can reach the scenic resort Ciasazza (near the ski lifts, at an altitude of 1252 m above sea level – near the restaurant and large meadows) on the slopes of the Predaia (little traffic) southwards, towards Vervò. The opposite direction leads to the Sette Larici (restaurant and wide equipped clearings for the resting stop) which can be reached in less than half an hour.

Shortly after the branch go to the left along the forest roads until you reach in less than an hour (km 1.8) the clearing of the Dosso di Pozzalunga and then the nearby town Sette Larici.