valli del verdes


Walking along this trail you can admire the white spruce that appear in peculiar associations, different from those found in other places in the Alps.
The trail is of great interest because of the presence of animal species, typical of the Alps, which find here suitable conditions for reproduction.
The main management objective is to maintain a high level of biodiversity and maintain the balance between nature and silvopastorali activities, addressing where possible and appropriate the latter towards the enhancement of forestry associations.
Vallecola of the left orographic slope of the Val di Non (Western Trentino) with white spruce forests, which are made of beechwood and oak. There are habitats of particular interest not covered by all of Directive 92/43 / EEC: Carici albae – Abietetum.
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Site of great importance for the presence of white spruce woods, regressed throughout the alpine chain. Different white spruces have been developed in the different sites surveyed. The site is of great national and / or provincial interest in the presence and reproduction of endangered animal species, important glaciers, exclusive and / or typical of the Alps.