lac del bosc


From the village of Tres, going north to the drainage basin (artificial pond built in 1933) with an adjacent recreational and equipped picnic area and parking possibilities. From here on a flat forest road (some of them Roman) you enter the pine forest after about 1.0 km, ignoring the left branch that goes down to the valley of the Rio Sette Fontane (mentioned in the trail no.10) it continues slightly uphill for another 700 m to the so-called “Sas di San Romedi”, erratic boulder with some engravings in the stone that the legend tells to be the fingers and feet of San Romedio who would stand there.
After a short stop, continue slightly uphill for another 800 m through the beautiful plains (Zan fir woods) until you reach the New Fountain wide clearing with resting possibilities, picnic area and fountain drinking; continuing for a further 300 m, on the right, a beautiful valley and lake (“Lac del Bosc”) with a stretch of water only in concurrence with prolonged rains.
Going along the road in south direction, after about 200 m, turn right (on the left, connection with trail 8 for Vervò and Sfruz) through the meadows, going down to the ” Bus della Pegola” artificial cave with bitumen or “pegola” delusions, which was already used in the 17th century for the ships of the Repubblica Marinara di Venezia).
Slightly downhill, the trail takes you to the provincial road of Predaia, just upstream of the new equipped area for camper parking (reachable via a narrow street lying along the provincial road); by taking the convenient forest road that goes on the left you reach the picnic area in the larch meadows little upstream of the old sports field of Tres; from here for another 800 m, through the paved road of the country, to Tres near the new sports center.
Segnavia percorso nr. 9
Biotopo lacustre “Lac del Bosc”
Biotopo lacustre “Lac del Bosc”
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