sentiero dei cavai


From the village of Tres, going north up to the drainage basin (artificial pond built in 1933) with an adjacent and equipped picnic area and parking possibilities (recreational area at 835 m above sea level). From here, on a flat forest road (some of them Roman), you enter the pine forest after about 1.0 km, ignoring the right branch (trail 9- Lac del Bosc), you turn left into the valley of Rio Sette Fontane and you go along the forest road for an additional kilometer.
Once in the valley, possibility of turning left by a convenient road that runs along the River for 700 m, until you reach in about 15 minutes the Vout Sette Fontane. Taking the main route instead, after having crossed the River (dry most of the year) and a short stop to observe one old “calcara” in stone, you find the Cavai trail which leads you in a little more than a quarter of an hour to the orchads.
Get out of the woods and get in 15-20 minutes to the villages of Sfruz (turning right), or Smear (turning left) for narrow agricultural streets in a slight uphill. (The stretch from Rio to the countryside of Sfruz and Smarano is steeper).