sentiero romano


The trail, called locally “Sentiero Romano” or “Madonna Vecia”, takes you from the park in front of the ancient church of San Martino di Vervò; after crossing the stretch along the cemetery’s graveyard (the north-east corner), the trail goes steeply along the spur beneath the church of San Martino (stretch equipped with wire rope), tracking the ancient trail of the “ladders” with traces of old gradients and stone brickwork. Then, the trail descends halfway through the Busòn valley (at the most exposed metal wire), to enter a forest road that leads to the bottom of Forra de Pongaiola and which then steeply rises the opposite side where, by a suspended walkway , crosses a side valley; after about 300 m on the right, a road that leads to an old “calcara” (200 m of the main trail).Continuing along the beautiful wooded plains of Monte di Vervò, we set off on the road that leads down to Mas del Mont in a slight downhill direction, while – turning left – you can reach the Vervò mountain in about 30 min. From Vervò you can also reach the old town of “Verginaz” (about 300m from the provincial road of the Predaia, with parking possibility); a large park equipped with benches and fire places and a remarkable view of the panoramic terrace on the church building complex of San Martino, precipitating on the Pongaiola stream, on the low Val di Non, and in the background the group of the Brenta Dolomites.

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