sette fontane

An easy trail that links Vervò and Sfruz through Tavlin and Somassolo fir woods, with the possibility to reach the Predaia – Sores locality. The route is ideal for mountain bike.


Little upstream of the town of Vervò, under the sports field, take a comfortable forest road which goes forward in the Tovalin fir woods overcoming the wooden bridge of Rio Sette Fontane (km 1.7); from here continue slightly uphill for about 1 Km until you enter a forest road that leads to Sfruz;
– turning right, handy climb-up branch to the plateau of Predaia reaching in just over half an hour Sores locality near the nearby church ;
– continuing on the left, the road goes down with two hairpin turns to a clearing equipped area; continuing for another 500 meters of the flat road you reach the countryside and the