The trail starts from the residential area of Meramar di Smarano, uphill of the equipped area for motorhome parking, following a half- hourly trekking, completely flat and with frequent parking possibilities; after about a kilometer, panoramic terrace with remarkable views over the lakes of Coredo, in the middle Val di Non and in the background the Group of the Brenta Dolomites; continuing the walk you reach another panoramic point on the wild Valle del Verdès and sanctuary of San Romedio. Immersed in the woods. Turning to the right, after a short climb, the trail continues wavy to Smarano through pine forests and firwoods, with the possibility of stopping in the clearing before reaching the sports field of Smarano and Doss in Ciàura.
At the panoramic terrace on the sanctuary of San Romedio, you can reach the hermitage in less than an hour, via the downhill trail (turning left from Merlonga di Smarano) to Lake Tavon (approximately 15 minutes ) and then, in half an hour of trekking, to the Valle del Verdès and Sanctuary of San Romedio, trail 13 municipality of PREDAIA.